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Maximize Cashflow Efficiency for Unprecedented Business Growth

Real-time Cashflow Monitoring: Gain complete visibility and control over your cashflow with PoltergeistPay's advanced monitoring tools. Track your incoming and outgoing funds in real-time to make informed financial decisions.
Automated Payment Processing: Streamline your payment processes with PoltergeistPay's automated payment processing capabilities. Effortlessly handle transactions, automate recurring payments, and reduce manual errors, saving time and resources.
Intelligent Cashflow Forecasting: Leverage the power of predictive analytics with PoltergeistPay's intelligent cashflow forecasting. Stay ahead of financial fluctuations by accurately predicting cashflow trends and making proactive adjustments to optimize your business's financial health.
Seamless Integration with Financial Platforms: Connect PoltergeistPay with your existing financial platforms, including accounting software and payment gateways, for seamless data synchronization. Eliminate data silos and enjoy a unified view of your financial ecosystem.
Advanced Security Measures: Trust in PoltergeistPay's robust security measures to protect your sensitive financial data. Utilize advanced encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and PCI-DSS compliance to safeguard your transactions and maintain customer trust.
Customizable Reporting and Analytics: Drive data-informed decision-making with PoltergeistPay's customizable reporting and analytics features. Generate comprehensive financial reports, analyze key performance indicators, and gain actionable insights to optimize your business's financial strategies and drive growth.
Cash Visibility & Management

Enhanced Financial Insights for Optimal Cash Control

Real-time Financial Analytics: Gain access to comprehensive financial insights and analytics that provide a clear view of your cash flow, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your financial management strategies.

Intelligent Cash Forecasting: Leverage advanced algorithms and predictive analytics to forecast your cash flow accurately. Anticipate potential gaps or surpluses in funds, enabling proactive planning and efficient allocation of resources.

Manage Finances Like Never Before!

The Thrilling AP Automation at Its Best!

Create and send debit notes at the blink of an eye.

Link your current account and make payouts in minutes

Enjoy streamlined payables management by integrating online banking

Keep track of all aged payables

The Advantageous AR Automation at Its Best!

Create and send credit notes and bills at the blink of an eye.

Enjoy streamlined receivables management by integrating payment gateway

Set credit limits for vendors

Send timely automated reminders to vendors

Keep track of all aged receivables

Send e-invoices to vendors right in time with state-of-art digital capabilities.

Generate and maintain e-bookkeeping reports

Keep track with cash-in-bank and cash-in-hand at one place

Take advantage of a wide array of payment options

Experience automated Accounts
Expense Management

Elevate Your Expense Management Skills to Expert Level:

Effortlessly streamline your expense reporting process for maximum efficiency. Effortlessly handle cash payments with unparalleled ease.

Efficiently manage all reimbursements in one centralized location.

Manage all your reimbursements at a single place.

Establish expense limits and assign virtual cards to designated team members withoutmost convenience.

Experience Effortless Reconciliation Automation at its Finest!

Seamlessly connect and automate bank account reconciliation for effortless financial management.

Effortlessly track customer payments and inbound transactions using virtual accounts, ensuring accurate records and minimizing the risk of human errors.

Automate Reconciliation

Why Avail White-Label Payouts Platform from Us?

Excited about venturing into your own payouts platform? Here's why you can rely on us:
Competitive pricing
Budget-friendly Rates that Give You an Edge

Experience Unbeatable Value with Our Cost-Effective Payouts Platform

Lower turnaround time
Accelerated Processing Time for Swift Results

We prioritize your launch timeline and guarantee timely delivery of your product, allowing you to plan with confidence, knowing that you'll receive it well in advance of your desired launch date.

Faster go-to-market time
Accelerated Time-to-Market for Swift Deployment:

We prioritize both technical and legal readiness to expedite your market entry, ensuring a streamlined process and minimizing the time required for launch.

Industry compliance
Adherence to Stringent Industry Regulations:

We uphold the utmost level of security standards in line with the banking infrastructure industry's best practices.

Elevated Customer Loyalty for Enhanced Business Success:
Elevated Customer Loyalty for Enhanced Business Success:

providing highly secure and dependable payouts platforms, we foster the development and enhancement of customer trust and loyalty, ensuring their confidence in our services.

Payouts to Bank Accounts
Flexible Configuration to Suit Your Unique Requirements

We provide fully customized payouts platforms designed to perfectly align with the unique requirements of our clients.

Prompt and Trustworthy Helpdesk Support for Your Convenience
Prompt and Trustworthy Helpdesk Support for Your Convenience

attentive support team is dedicated to actively addressing your inquiries and promptly resolving any issues that arise, ensuring the shortest possible response time for issue resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find your answers below.

Cash management refers to the complete process of analyzing and managing the cashflow of a business. Streamlining cashflow can help a business achieve financial stability.
Cash management helps a business in ways innumerable, including:
  1. Getting an insight of account receivables.
  2. Making vendor and employee payments right in time.
  3. Planning business expenditures, including investments.
  4. Analyzing financial health and preparing for expansion.
  5. Strengthening the business goal and setting new milestones.
  6. Ensuring smooth cashflow and preventing insolvency and bankruptcy.
At poltergeistpay, we offer our channel partners advanced white label CMS platforms. After availing CMS platforms from us, they can launch the same with their own branding and market it to their target audience.
No, we will deliver you white label CMS platform, which you can launch with your own brand name and logo. We will only be responsible for the development part and you can launch and market the product with completely your own branding.
The turnaround time will depend on your platform requirements. However, we ensure our channel partners lowest possible turnaround time and quickest time-to-market in the industry.
The pricing of our CMS platform will depend on your platform requirements. However, we guarantee the most competitive pricing in the industry. Please contact our business team with your enquiries.
Our dedicated support team is always active to attend your issues and queries on priority. You can ensure, your customers seamlessly use the CMS platform, rest assured you will always be backed by our robust technical team for any potential glitch at any time.
Don’t find your answer above? Contact us right away for any queries and let us know how we can help you.