Game-Changing Payout Platforms that Facilitate Business-Scaling Simple, Reliable Payouts!

We offer technologically advanced payout platforms that help you empower your customers to transfer secured payments instantly to bank accounts, wallets, and UPI IDs.

Full Stack Payout Capabilities for Evolving Businesses

Payouts to Bank Accounts
Payouts to Bank Accounts

Make 24x7 direct payments to bank accounts through UPI, RTGS, NEFT, and IMPS.

Payouts to Wallets
Payouts to Wallets

Make payments to digital/mobile wallets, such as Amazon Pay, Google Wallet, and Android Pay.

Payouts to Cards
Payouts to Cards

Make 24x7 direct payments to cards including Mastercard Send and Visa Direct.

Generate and Disburse Payments with Ease and Efficiency

Seamless Payment Management.Experience Effortless Payouts with Our Intelligent Platform.

Select Payout

Select a contact/ add a new contact

Enter Payout Details

Create Payout

Features So Smart That Make Payouts So Simple

Automate Your Payment Schedule

Streamline payments with automated scheduling for timely and efficient payout management.

Efficient Beneficiary Management

They can add their beneficiaries and start making payouts to them immediately, without any cool-off period in between.

Payout features

Efficient Beneficiary Management

Simplify and streamline your payout process with efficient beneficiary management, ensuring seamless transactions and hassle-free payouts.

Achieve Full Control and Visibility

Empower Your Operations with Unparalleled Control and Transparent Visibility.

Tailored Payout Solutions for Diverse Business Requirements: Meeting the Unique Needs of Businesses, Regardless of Size or Industry.

Make payments iserveu

Effortlessly Transfer Funds by Simply Entering Payee's UPI/Account Details.

Make Instant Payments Directly from Your Dashboard.

Streamline Transactions by Uploading a Single Excel File for Bulk Payments.

Automate Payout Workflows and Make Payments Effortlessly.

Protect Your Transactions with Robust, Cutting-edge Security Measures.

Gain Access to Live Data and Analytics for Effective Decision-making.

What Sets Our White-Label Payouts Platform Apart from the Rest?

Discover the Unique Advantages of Our White-Label Payouts Platform and Experience the Difference.
Competitive pricing
Cost-Effective Solutions for a Competitive Edge.

Experience Cost-Effective Solutions that Propel Your Business Forward, Giving You a Competitive Edge in the Market.

Lower turnaround time
Quicker Processing for Faster Results

Stay on Schedule with On-Time Delivery of Your Product, Ensuring Your Launch Date is Never Compromised.

Faster go-to-market time
Accelerated Time-to-Market for Swift Product Launch.

Experience an Accelerated Time-to-Market, Enabling You to Launch Your Product Quickly and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Industry compliance
Ensuring Regulatory Compliance for Seamless Operations.

Navigate Regulatory Requirements with Confidence, Ensuring Smooth and Efficient Operations.

Improved customer loyalty
Improved customer loyalty

Our payouts platforms are highly secure and reliable and thus help build and improve customer trust and loyalty.

Payouts to Bank Accounts
High customizability

We offer payouts platform, tailored completely to suit client needs.

Quick and reliable helpdesk
Quick and reliable helpdesk

Our dedicated support team is always listening to your queries actively and is on the mark to resolve your issues within the quickest time possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payouts, as the term suggests, are disbursements that businesses transfer to their various stakeholders, including vendors, employees, utility providers, to name a few. Traditionally, irrespective of the size, payouts were transferred by companies to their stakeholders through cheques, NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS.

However, in the modern world, companies can transfer bulk payouts through smart payout portals, such as ours.

Bulk payout is an array of payments that a business makes to its stakeholders from a single current account. With smart payout portals, such as ours, business can make bulk payments in just a single click. This, in turn, can save time and effort as businesses won’t need to upload huge catalogues of payees every time.

With a smart payout platform, businesses can get the following advantages:
  • Make single or bulk payments instantly.
  • Add beneficiaries with the maximum ease and minimum clicks.
  • After adding beneficiaries, start making payouts immediately without any cooling time in between.
  • Auto-reconcile and track payments easily.
The pricing of our UPI platforms will depend on your portal requirements. However, we guarantee the most competitive pricing in the industry. Please contact our business team with your enquiries.
Our dedicated support team is always active to attend your issues and queries on priority. You can ensure your customers seamlessly use the CASA portal; rest assured you will always be backed by our robust technical team for any potential glitch at any time.